I Dream of Outlast

Ok, this is a dream I had..more like a movie in my head…:

"Come darling, I have a surprise for you" Eddie led Waylon down the hall taking him by the hand "what’s the occasion Ed? If this is something the children either broke or messed up I’m going back to bed" Waylon grumbled rubbing the sleep from his eyes with his free hand. "No, no darling, this is something I made just for you" Eddie purred leading Waylon into the room where he had depicted childbirth with two bodies, one of the things that Waylon absolutely hated.
“Tadaaaa! Do you like it darling?”
Waylon stared blankly for a moment, he had already seen this before, why was Eddie showing him this again?
“Oh..umm….it-it’s… Ed I’ve seen this before”
“Oh I know darling! I made some adjustments, care to examen closer? I promise you’ll see the difference”
Eddie grinned walking next to the standing body placing a hand on the belly of the laying body depicting the mother. “Um…ok sure” Waylon grimaced the stench of the bodies filling his nose making him want to gag, you’d think after 3 years he would be used to it by now.
Waylon walked over to the bodies and leaned closer to the mother body.
Suddenly their 2 year old daughter Emmy burst out of the stomach scaring Waylon half to death.
“Surprise Mommy!!!!”
Emmy smiled her body covered in the innards of the body where she was hiding. Waylon screeched then fainted at his daughters jump-scare collapsing to the floor.
“Daddy! Daddy it worked! I scared mommy!” Emmy looked down at Waylon passed out on the floor, Eddie grinning in pride of his daughter “yes you did princess, very good!” Eddie took his messy child into his arms giving her a kiss on the cheek.
“Now let’s go get you cleaned up”
“What about mommy?”
“Oh I’m sure mommy will be fine”
Eddie grinned then left the room carrying his daughter with him.

Well there you go! I told illusioncanthurtme about this and she said I should post it, so here!

Eddie + Waylon©Outlast:Whistleblower